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    It always amazes me to see the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs.  People will talk about how they could own and operate a business.  Those same people speak on how good they would be at it.  The difference is the leap from the security of a steady paycheck into the unknown of being a business owner is a scary one.

    I really like dealing with self employed owners.  Whether they make very little or a whole bunch, it takes daring to make that jump and operate without the safety net of a steady paycheck to provide for themselves and their families.

    When you think about it though , operating a business is even safer than working for someone over the long haul.  You can be "fired" only once if you are an employee with drastic financial effects.  As a business operator, you can be "fired" many times by clients or customers and still be able to provide for your family due to a much larger customer base.

    As a CPA in San Antonio, I would love to work with you to provide for your business and individual needs.  The first visit is free so give us a call to make us part of your team.

    Richard J. Garcia | 03/02/2010